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Silvicultural Plot Establishment and Research Data Collection

  • Silvicultural Plot Establishment and Research Data Collection
Dated: 29 May-3 August, 2019 (intermittently)
With the establishment of research plots in Hile Jaljale ‘Ka’ Community Forest (CF), EnLiFT II has accomplished the establishment of silvicultural research plots in all the sites. Four research plots, each of 1 ha (100m x 100m), are established in every site representing three silvicultural treatments (Shelterwood, Disperesed Variable Retention and Strip Seed Tree System) and a control plot. Along with plot establishment, research data collection on canopy cover, ground cover, regeneration and tree was   successfully completed following the line transect along the diagonal of the plot. The analysis of the data and amendment in operational plans are underway. The brief summary of sites regarding silvicultural plots is presented as follow:
S.N. Cluster CF Species
1 Banepa Bhagwan Thumki Pinus roxburghii
2 Banepa Hile Jaljale Ka Pinus patula
3 Bhumlu Rachhma Pinus patula
4 Chautara Sansari Daanda Pinus roxburghii
5 Chautara Shreechhap Pinus roxburghii
6 Lisankhupakhar Deupokhari Pinus patula