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Mastering Chainsaw Safety

In several districts of Bagmati Province, individuals often perform chainsaw operations without formal training or guidance leading to unsafe practices and habitat destruction. Recognizing this issue, EnLiFT2/ForestAction Nepal in collaboration with the Forest Research and Training Centre (FRTC) launched a 2-day training session (16th-17th May 2024) on the "Safe Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance Program". The training program focused on bridging the knowledge gap by providing comprehensive training on safe chainsaw operation and maintenance practices. By equipping chainsaw operators with the necessary skills and knowledge, the program seeks to ensure the safety of the operators, minimize environmental impact, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the sustainability of chainsaw use in Nepal. A total number of 24 diverse participants from different fields (forestry workers, farmers, sawmill operators, construction workers, drivers, etc) attended the session. The first day of the session focused on "Introduction to Chainsaw Operation and Safety" where theoretical knowledge on usage, components, maintenance, and environmental considerations of chainsaw operations were discussed. Similarly, the second day aimed to enhance the participant's theoretical knowledge through practical exercises, safety procedures, and legal & regulatory methods. At the end of the training, participants were evaluated on their understanding and proficiency in safe chainsaw operation through written assessment and practical demonstrations. The "Safe Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance Program" has become a successful program in enhancing safety awareness among chainsaw operators from the Bagmati province, developing their technical skills, and emphasizing the importance of responsible and sustainable practices!